New Equipment Upgrades


Depth Charge Studios is pleased to announce the completion of our 2016 equipment upgrades and re-configuration.  We have placed an Antelope Orion Studio at the heart of the control room for superior clocking and AD/ DA conversion.  We also added the Dangerous Music 2 Bus LT for 16 channels of analog summing on mix-down.  The world class components of the 2 Bus LT combined with Antelope’s stellar conversion provide the full, “three dimensional” sound of large format console rigs with a much smaller footprint.  In addition to the new gear, we also added new furnishings to the control room and lounge and re-arranged some fixtures to add to the comfort and ergonomics of the facility.  If we missed your call or e-mail while we were closed, feel free to contact us again.  We are back to work and ready to make your music shine!