Lower Life Forms “The Whole Universe is Ours” Now Available on Streaming Platforms

In 1997, the Lower Life Forms made DMV Hip Hop history with the release of their 12 inch single, “Open Invitation/ Independence Day,” but their full length album, “The Whole Universe is Ours,” was never fully released. Depth Charge Studios is proud to announce that the digitally re-mastered album is now available on all streaming platforms. Jump in the time machine and take a ride with us.

Zechariah Wise and DJ Dialtone began making music together while still in grade school in the Washington, DC suburb of Burke, Virginia. In late 1991, they formed the Lower Life Forms. After a year of cutting demos and performing up and down the Northeast corridor, the Life Forms were spotted by Ahmed and Otis (dancers for the legendary group, 3rd Bass) who signed them to a management deal. The Life Forms were soon spending significant time in New York – cultivating relationships with artists such as Kurious Jorge and Zev Love X (MF Doom.) The Life Forms began cutting an album for a major label release in 1994, but the distribution fell through shortly thereafter. In response, Wise founded Depth Charge Recordings, as a label and recording studio operation to serve as home base for the Lower Life Forms as well as their crew, Team Demolition. In March of 1997, Depth Charge released the Lower Life Forms first and only 12 inch single, “Open Invitation/ Independence Day,” with plans to release the full length album, “The Whole Universe is Ours,” later that year. However, after a small promo release, Wise decided to shelve the album in favor of pushing Team Demolition single and album projects. After years of requests from underground hip hop enthusiasts, Wise transferred the original TWUIO tapes into the digital realm and re-mastered the album for a long overdue commercial release.

Zechariah Wise and DJ Dialtone are still active as producers and collaborate on projects with their long time musical partner, J. Cosell, as the production company, Team Demo. In recent years, the crew has produced records for such as artists as 50 Cent, Sean Price, Illa Ghee, Wais P and dozens of others. In addition, Zechariah Wise (now known as Mister Wise,) is an accomplished recording, mix and mastering engineer and operates the multi-room Depth Charge studio facility in Alexandria, Virginia.