Although the Depth Charge Recording Group was officially incorporated in 1996, the foundation of the company dates back to 1988 when company founder & CEO, Daniel Zacharias (Zechariah Wise) formed a hip hop group with two neighborhood friends. The grade school trio began learning the ins and outs of music production in the basement of Wise’s boyhood home in Burke, Virginia, and by 1991, had secured management and were rocking local house parties and traveling along the East Coast performing at music showcases.

In 1992, Wise and DJ Dialtone formed the Lower Life Forms, and were courted by two major labels after the recording of their first unreleased album, “Chronicles of Another Species.” In 1995, they completed their would-be debut, “The Whole Universe is Ours” for a Sony Music subsidiary, but the label lost its distribution before the album could be released. Undeterred, Wise started Depth Charge Recordings, Inc. as a label for the works of his crew, Team Demolition, as well as a recording facility for local aspiring artists and a full service CD and DVD production house. From 1996 to 2006, the company released 16 commercially available records, 4 promotional releases and the company recording studios became known throughout the Washington, DC area as a premier location for producing, recording and mixing urban music.

In 2005, as Wise’s list of both technical and creative credits grew ever more extensive, he moved the facility to Alexandria, Virginia, where he updated the equipment and aesthetics and began picking up more high profile clients from all over the United States. Wise focused his creative efforts on producing and together with his crew, now known by the shortened name, Team Demo, began racking up production credits with both major and independent artists as well as publishing and releasing new music by Illa Ghee, Lord Digga, Kurious, Audio(File) and Zechariah Wise (Mister Wise) himself on the Depth Charge label. In September of 2011, Depth Charge Studios moved 50 feet around the corner to an even more spacious and modern facility.

Depth Charge Studios has cemented itself as a top-tier music facility in the Washington, DC area, and Wise’s reputation for stellar vocal recordings, dynamic mixes, and unique compositions and arrangements have made him a highly sought-after engineer and producer. Together with his staff of professionals, Wise is committed to offering the highest quality sound at a great value. As the DC Metro music scene has flourished, so too has Depth Charge.

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