New Video: DJ J-Scrilla “Stacking Sats” Featuring K-Beta

As the cryptocurrency world prepares for the next Bitcoin halvening, DJ J-Scrilla has released his BTC themed album, “Sound Money,” along with a new single and video, “Stacking Sats” featuring lyrics and vocals from K-Beta.

“Stacking Sats” and the “Sound Money” album were mixed and mastered by Mister Wise at Depth Charge Studios.  Wise also contributed a couple of bass lines to the project, including the lead single, “Faith in my Money.” Enjoy! And just a reminder… Depth Charge Studios does accept Bitcoin as a payment option for our services. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: Depth Charge Studios CLOSED to Recording Sessions

Effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 11:59 PM, by order of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Depth Charge Studios will be closed for recording sessions. Depth Charge CEO, Mister Wise, is sheltering in place in the living quarters next door to our facility. He is currently accepting production, mixing, mastering and post-production projects that do not require in-person collaboration. Email us at if you would like to place a work order.

We hope to fully re-open the facility as soon as the order is lifted.  In the meantime, take care of yourself and loved ones.

The “Nerds in Luxury” Podcast Becomes “Nerds in Quarantine”

Veronica Zee and Depth Charge CEO, Mister Wise, are sheltering in place, so they decided to increase production of the Nerds in Luxury (now temporarily known as Nerds in Quarantine) podcast from our Studio B.  Although the rest of the nerds (Ceedro, Sosa and Montaego) aren’t in the building, they each have joined in by telephone to offer their thoughts and observations of the crisis, its effects and much more.  Subscribe for free on your favorite platform (Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart etc.)