Video: Priest Da Nomad – “Music Ain’t Loud Enuff REMAKE” feat. DJ Kool, Team Demo, J Hill

Check out the video for “The Music Ain’t Loud Enough Remake” by Priest da Nomad featuring DJ Kool and J Hill. The track was produced by our in-house production squad, Team Demo and the music was tracked at Depth Charge Studios. This one is for the DMV! Enjoy!

Team Demolition “Demolition Circle – The Orange Tape” Now Available on All Streaming Services

In the early Spring of 1995, Northern Virginia’s burgeoning hip hop crew known as the DL Demolition Circle, descended upon the campus of Howard University for the legendary annual Howard Hip Hop Conference. The crew, made up of artists and musical collaborators: Lower Life Forms, Kreative Natives, Chaz the Natural and Props the Optical, swarmed through the event passing out hundreds of free copies of what would later be simply known as, “The Orange Tape.” The compilation cassette featured just seven songs, but served as the promotional springboard for what would soon become the Depth Charge Recordings label. Cassette and 12 inch singles from the Lower Life Forms and Optical would follow in 1996 and 1997. In 1998, the crew released their first 12 inch together as a crew under the moniker, Team Demolition, and began laying significant building blocks for what would become the DMV Hip Hop scene.

Recently, Depth Charge and Demolition founder, Zechariah Wise, transferred the original four track analog recordings into the digital realm and re-mastered the entire tape as well as original answer greetings from the Demolition Hotline and two never released bonus tracks from the Lower Life Forms, Optical and Chaz the Natural. The Orange Tape is now streaming on major music platforms.

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Past Depth Charge Catalog Now Available on Major Streaming Platforms

More of the Depth Charge Recordings catalog is now available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. 

Lower Life Forms – “The Whole Universe is Ours” (1997) 

Zechariah Wise – “The Mister Wise Album” (2010) 

Mister Wise – “The Way of the Doh Doh” EP (2013) 

Mister Wise – “If They Don’t Hear Us Now” EP (2016) {previously only available on Soundcloud} 

Coming soon…. Team Demolition “The Essential Team Demo,” a compilation of remastered joints from 1997-2004, including five previously unreleased tracks.

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