Depth Charge Studios Turns 20 Years old in 2016


2016 marks the 20 year anniversary of Depth Charge Recording’s official founding and incorporation. In that time, we produced, recorded, mixed and/or mastered thousands of projects, manufactured cds for thousands more, released ten 12-inch singles, seven commercially available albums and another dozen or so promotional releases. A few of you have suggested that such an occasion should be celebrated. I agree, but such an undertaking would require the assistance of some committed individuals who know how to put an event together. (I have to stay busy keeping the place running so for this to happen, I need some help!) There are plenty of ways we could mark the occasion but I would love to hear some ideas from our clients and colleagues past and present. Also, if you think you can help make such an event a reality, let’s rap. Hell, there might even be a way for you to make some coin on it. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

All the Best,

Mister Wise

In Memory of Sean Price: (1972-2015)

Depth Charge Studios and Team Demo were heartbroken to learn of the passing of our friend and colleague, Sean Price this past weekend.  It goes without saying that Sean was a hell of a talent. But ask anyone who knew him and they will first tell you he was a hell of a man.  We were fortunate to know and work with Sean, and we have posted his Team Demo produced track “Haraam,” from his 2012 album, “Mic Tyson,” in his memory.  Slumlord Salute P!


Video: Sketch McGuiney – “Knuckleheads” (Featuring Cuban Link and K-Beta)

Check out the new video from the DMV’s own, Sketch McGuiney with assistance from Cuban Link, K-Beta and Illa Mind on production.  The track was mixed by Zechariah Wise at Depth Charge Studios, but Wise is most proud of his work on K-Beta’s vocals, which Beta recorded onto Wise’s voicemail from prison. Wise then worked his editing and audio magic to bring it home on the 3rd verse.  Enjoy!

Team Demo Presents: Notorious Hayes

After the overwhelming response to our mash up projects, “Journey with Nas,” and “Notorious White,” Team Demo jumped back into Depth Charge Studios to re-produce, “Notorious Hayes,” – with beats derived from Issac Hayes and vocals from Notorious B.I.G. As you probably already know, Biggie’s vocals are quite explicit so parental discretion is advised. Enjoy!

Team Demo Presents… Notorious White

Last year, Team Demo released a compilation entitled “Journey with Nas,” which mashed up Nas acapellas with beats made with samples from the legendary rock band, Journey.  The follow up is “Notorious White,” which does the same, but this time with Notorious B.I.G. and Barry White.  The project was put together at Depth Charge Studios over the past several months and is available for streaming and download on the Team Demo Soundcloud page as well as several other hosting platforms.  Enjoy!