Studio B

Depth Charge’s Studio B is a professional broadcast suite ideal for the production of podcasts, pre-recorded radio broadcasts, interviews, web series, voice over and narration reads, as well as listening sessions, meetings, beat production, archiving and DJ recording sessions.  Studio B is designed to be a user-friendly, pro audio Swiss Army knife.

Equipment List:
* Tascam DM-3200 Digital Mixing Console/ Control Surface
* Tascam IF/FW MKIII 32 Channel I/O Audio Interface
* Apple Mac Mini (2.6 Ghz Intel Dual Core with 8 GB RAM)
* JBL LSR306P Monitors
* JK Audio Broadcast Host Digital Telephone Interface
* MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV

* Digital Performer 10
* Pro Tools 12
* Waves CLA-2A
* Waves BSS-DPR-402
* Waves Vocal Rider
* Waves NS-1 Noise Suppressor
* Izotope Ozone 8, RX 3

* Rode Procaster Broadcast (2)
* Shure SM-58 (3)

Vintage Gear:
* Akai S950 Sampler
* Ensoniq ASR-10 Keyboard Sampler
* Roland Variphrase 9000
* Roland XV-5050 Rack Synth
* Aphex Big Bottom

* Tascam CD-RW700 CD Master Recorder
* Fostex D-5 DAT Master Recorder

* Headphones by Sony and AKG (up to 6 feeds)
* Acoustic Treatment by Audimute and Auralex
* 210 Square feet