Video: Team Demolition “Bloodshot Eyes” (1999)

In early 1999, DMV hip hop group, Team Demolition, filmed a video for their single, “Bloodshot Eyes.” Due to unforeseen circumstances, the video was never completed… Until 2023.

Before producing records for some of your favorite hip hop artists, Team Demo was known as Team Demolition. Depth Charge Studios is proud to present “The Essential Team Demo,” spotlighting the run of the DMV super group between 1996 and 2004. The collection features select re-mastered joints from all four 12 inch singles, both full length albums, and five previously unreleased tracks. “The Essential Team Demo,” available now on all streaming platforms.

Songs on the “The Essential Team Demo” were originally produced, recorded and mixed at Depth Charge Studios between 1995 and 2004. This collection was curated and remastered by Mister Wise.