“The Essential Team Demo (1996-2004)” Now Streaming on All Platforms

Before producing records for some of your favorite hip hop artists, Team Demo was known as Team Demolition. Depth Charge Studios is proud to present “The Essential Team Demo,” spotlighting the run of the DMV super group between 1996 and 2004. The collection features select re-mastered joints from all four 12 inch singles, both full length albums, and five previously unreleased tracks. We’re celebrating over thirty years of blood, sweat, tears and music. This one is for all those who remember…. All those who were there. “The Essential Team Demo,” available now on all streaming platforms. Hop in the time machine with us.

New Single: “The Man of Orange” by Mister Wise

When Donald Trump won the presidential election this past November, one of the few things people found solace in was that it would lead to some seriously great art. Enter rapper-producer Mister Wise’s “The Man of Orange,” a wonderfully biting and potent wrap up of everything that makes its target so infuriating.
If you’ve been following the Alexandria, VA-based artist on Twitter (do it, @iammisterwise), you likely picked up on his disdain of Trump and were likely expecting a musical protest of some sort. It arrives today in the form of “The Man of Orange,” which throws relentless verbal darts at the president-elect over his spewing of hatred and misinformation.
And it does so from a unique angle, because Wise uses a (clearly tongue-in-cheek) first-person perspective on the track. The approach allows the listener to really hear just how callous Trump’s words have been over Wise’s own menacing instrumental. If his work sounds at all familiar, chances are you’ve heard his music as a member of Team Demo—they have worked with the likes of 50 Cent, Sean Price, Illa Ghee, and Kurious, among others.
“The Man of Orange” becomes available this Friday, inauguration day, through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, but can be streamed right now in its entirety, courtesy of SoundCloud. Hit that play button, and pray for our country.

Depth Charge Studios Turns 20 Years old in 2016


2016 marks the 20 year anniversary of Depth Charge Recording’s official founding and incorporation. In that time, we produced, recorded, mixed and/or mastered thousands of projects, manufactured cds for thousands more, released ten 12-inch singles, seven commercially available albums and another dozen or so promotional releases. A few of you have suggested that such an occasion should be celebrated. I agree, but such an undertaking would require the assistance of some committed individuals who know how to put an event together. (I have to stay busy keeping the place running so for this to happen, I need some help!) There are plenty of ways we could mark the occasion but I would love to hear some ideas from our clients and colleagues past and present. Also, if you think you can help make such an event a reality, let’s rap. Hell, there might even be a way for you to make some coin on it. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

All the Best,

Mister Wise

Team Demo Mash Up Mixtape: Journey with Nas

Team Demo spent some time at Depth Charge Studios over the past few months putting together “Journey with Nas.”  Our in-house production team thought they’d have some fun taking Nas acapellas and remixing them with beats they made sampling the legendary rock band, Journey. Here are the results. Enjoy!