The End of the Year is Closing In – Time To Finish Your Project

Are you planning an early 2018 release and need your project to stand out? Our company president and master of post-production, Mister Wise, is now offering a deep discount on his mixing and mastering services.  Over the past 22 years, Wise has mixed and mastered thousands of tracks for countless artists and labels.  His experience and skills combined with the pristine A/D and D/A conversion, analog summing, world-class monitors and accurate mix position of Depth Charge’s main control room, create a three-dimensional sound that immerses the listener and demands attention.

Between November 1st and December 22nd, Wise is taking mixing projects at just $150.00 per song (normally $250.00) and mastering projects at $45.00 per song (normally $65.00.) Clients must submit their files and deposits prior to the December 22nd deadline to receive the discount.  If you have any questions or you are ready to get started, contact us at or (703)535-6801 or fill out the form below.

(This offer does not apply to major label projects.)